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Join me in running for Congressman in Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Orange: 46th Congressional District.

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Who can keep the American Dream alive because he achieved that dream.

My Candidate Statement

I know what it’s like to go to bed hungry, to live in despair, to have complete disadvantages in terms of money and skills. And I know what it’s like to flip the switch and turn pain into will, to turn poverty into prosperity. I did that for myself and I’ll create the same economic change for you, for our district, and for our country.

As a first generation immigrant, starting from scratch, with only my skills, understanding of business, hard work, and my thoughts, I was able to:

  • Establish 34 businesses in 15 different industries
  • Drive and conduct business in all 50 states in-depth
  • Travel to 71 different countries and discover different political systems
  • Earn my MBA and work towards a Doctor of Business Administration degree

If you really think about it, all of our problems in—

  • balancing the budget
  • healthcare
  • social security
  • education
  • economy

—are caused by a lack of money.

My plan is to solve the foundation—the financial problems that our district and country face. When we fix the budgeting issues of our society we will see all of our problems begin to solve themselves.

We need to better invest and control where our tax money goes. Let’s handle our money correctly.

It would be an honor if you gave me the chance to work on the problems our country and district face; this is my area of proven expertise.

Meet Ehab!

Is it Common Sense?

Is it common sense for someone to help others if he cannot help himself ? Is it common sense that someone can make us successful if he is not? The maximum he can do is take us to his level.

Is it common sense that if someone is incredibly successful, he is a better candidate for the position because he can lift us to his level of success?

If the answer is yes, then shouldn’t we look for the candidate who achieved the most successful results during his career? Isn’t it common sense that the candidate who got the best results in the past can get the best results for us?

Is it common sense that the best candidate to make our district and America successful is the candidate who is the most successful?

Is it common sense that the best leader for our future is the candidate who established multiple companies, managed countless employees, and exercised all leadership skills? Or is it someone who just says he is a leader without proven experience?

Managing multiple companies is like managing a district, or even a country. It requires the same skills of management, leadership, negotiations, planning, and vision, just on a different scope.

Is it common sense that if all candidates have business backgrounds, then we should choose the candidate who achieved the most successful results?

If someone says he is the best leader, then shouldn’t we ask him what proof does he have? What is he basing that claim on? And shouldn’t we judge for ourselves his credibility?

Isn’t it common sense to look at the candidates’ resumes to see who is the greatest leader and achiever?

Is it common sense that if you elect the same politician, we will experience the same outcomes?

Is it common sense to say that the existing leaders are the best if we don’t try other candidates first and see what they can achieve for us?

I’m ready to devote the rest of my life to serving the world.

I’m not running for the money. I already gained that through hard work and determination.

I’m not running for the fame.  I already gained that through authoring books and media.

I’m running because I’m ready to devote the rest of my life to serving you!

Stop Criticizing Our Country!

Many candidates complain.

Well, guess what?

I’m here to solve our problems. 

That’s my area of expertise. That’s what I do for a living. And that’s what I promise to do for you as your congressman.

There are candidates who keep attacking our country. They think this will help them win.

We don’t need that!

Our job is not to criticize, but to motivate. We already know our problems. We don’t need to repeat them over and over again—we need to focus on solutions.

If we have some problems, we can fix them!

Instead of frustrating ourselves by cutting down America, we need find the best candidate to solve our problems.

There are some candidates who even criticize the American Dream. What nonsense!

The American Dream is alive. And America was, is, and will forever be the land of opportunities under the right leadership!

Get Ready!