Economic Development, Jobs, and Green Energy

We Need Someone with Hands-On Experience


Over the years, I am proud to say I have managed thousands of people in my businesses, and I am aware of what needs to be done to ensure America gets back to full employment.

I have hands-on experience in 15 different industries, including technology.

I am highly educated in business development and economics. I have experienced success in investing in businesses, stock markets, real estate, etc.

I’ve seen the benefits technology brings to business efficiency, and I’ve seen the job growth that occurs from the introduction of new technology and industries.

My Two Year Plan:

  • Help foster more technology, science, and manufacturing based businesses in our district and America, along with many new, different types of businesses.
  • Provide free seminars that educate the community on government programs that support exporting, agriculture, and green-based businesses.
  • Fight for our government to invest in infrastructure and green technologies, and bring our economy back to full employment.

My Plan to Create New Jobs in the First Two Years

First, my main focus is to teach, train, and encourage as many people as possible to start their own  small business. I have hands-on experience in 15 different industries, and I can get more entrepreneurs to establish many different types of business across all industries in order to benefit themselves and hire others.

The bottom line is that we need more small businesses in our district and across America to solve our unemployment problem.

Secondly, I will motivate existing corporations to move to our district so that there are more job opportunities. I’ve performed high level negotiations with companies all over the world, and I know how to make our district attractive to corporations. I know what companies look for in choosing locations for headquarters and operations.

Thirdly, I will work on getting back outsourced jobs to benefit ourselves instead of benefiting other countries.

For these reasons, I believe I am the best candidate when it comes to economic development and job creation.

Infrastructure Projects and Green Energy will Create New Jobs

America needs new roads, new bridges, and new sources of energy. It is in our best interest for the government to invest in these areas to create jobs for our families.

The path to a green energy future will require a skilled workforce of scientists, technicians, engineers, computer programmers, builders, electricians and mechanics, all working together to rebuild and power a cleaner energy grid and distribution system.  It is imperative that we focus our investments in public education and workforce training, so that young people and a transitioning workforce have the skills necessary to design and create the infrastructure of the new green energy economy.

The change to a green energy future is not only about combating global climate change; it is about improving our health and quality of life.

Reducing the Influence of Special Interests

The government’s job is to serve the people, not to serve corporations. We need to get money out of politics and to cut out lobbying that favors corporate profits over societal progress.

We need to give incentives for American companies to hire American workers—not allow them to get away with keeping their money offshore and not allow them to benefit from outsourcing their manufacturing and businesses.

It’s the people, not corporations, who should be dictating policy. A corporation is interested in increasing it’s bottom line. But this interest should not be used to manipulate legislature for their benefit.

It is the people who should benefit from new laws.

I believe that we need to level the playing field, and strive for equal opportunity.

I believe in equal opportunity, unequal outcomes.

Everyone should be given a fair chance and a voice in government. Everyone should have access to opportunities. And those who work the hardest and provide the most value to society should be rewarded for doing so.

That is what has made America great and what will continue to make her great.

More important than giving people fish is teaching them how to catch fish.

We must develop self-reliance, and our government must provide the people with the tools and education to become productive members of society.

The government’s job is to provide services and resources to communities in order for them to thrive and survive. I will fight relentlessly for bring all types of government resources to our district to improve your quality of life.

I created nine business theories “from real hands on experience.”

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