Education is what leads to prosperity.


It’s the number one factor that contributes to more income and wealth within communities.

I have personally taken too many classes, seminars, and courses on leadership and administration, and all aspects of financial matters. And I received my bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration,  and I am now working on my DBA, Doctor of Business Administration.

My mother was a school teacher for the Lennox School District for many years, and I have personally seen how hard our teachers work to educate our children.

I know from my own experience how invaluable education is to the prosperity and welfare of everyone.

Right now, America is falling behind the rest of the world in terms of elementary and high school education. I witnessed this firsthand by traveling to many countries overseas.

My Two Year Plan

I will fight with all my might to:

  • Bring the most educational and economic resources to our classrooms and community.
  • Remodel run down schools and bring more computer and high tech equipment into the classroom. 

Quality education should not start in college—it should start in elementary school. I will not stop until our education system is changed 180 degrees to provide practical, hands-on education that will prepare our children for the future economy.

My First Year Plan

  • Fight for personal finance, business, money management, and high tech subjects to be taught inside elementary and high school classroom.
  • Provide free business seminars and workshops to the community taught by successful entrepreneurs, including myself. 
  • Inspire our children with hands-on, practical application of math and science.

We want to prepare our youth to be well-rounded and business minded at a young age; we want to inspire the youth to be job creators. By teaching them business, economics, and technology related subjects, we can make them even more economically productive , and they will  add tremendous value to society.

Let’s teach students how to take apart electronic devices and rebuild them (engineering and manufacturing).

Let’s bring scientists into our schools and allow kids to see cells under the microscope and mix chemical compounds on a regular basis to learn biology and chemistry (applied sciences).

Let’s teach our kids math through personal finance, accounting, and engineering projects (applied math).

Let’s teach kids practical skills that they will use in their daily lives outside of the classroom. Let’s teach them how to build their confidence and self-esteem, how to negotiate, how to start a business. Let’s prepare our kids for the future and equip them with the skills they need for the economy and jobs of tomorrow.

Let’s Go the Extra Mile on All of These Issues!

Student Loans

Going to college should not be determined by how money much someone has in the bank. College needs to be within the grasp of all Americans who are eager to continue their education.

We are facing a student loan crisis in our country. Student debt is now over one trillions dollars, and according to the Federal Reserve, it is a drag on the US economy. It delays college grads from buying big-ticket items, like homes and cars that boost our economy as a whole.

Oregon has lead the way in solving the student loan crisis by passing HB3472, or the “Pay it Forward” debt-free higher education plan. In this plan, students can attend state colleges and universities for free, and they pay a small portion of their future income into a fund to pay for the next generation.

If elected, I will fight for a similar type of legislation to be passed in California and the rest of the country. Students should not have to think twice about advancing their education because of crushing debt. We must create a sustainable system that allows for anyone who is willing to work hard to be able to pay for his or her higher education without being suffocated with high interest payments.

I value education so much that I have written my own educational books. Please check  out their reviews on Goodreads below.

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