Health Care

We Can Get Better Health Care and Lower Our Costs


I’ve personally established and ran long-term health care facilities. I know the cost involved in the medical industry and how to deal with insurancecompanies.

It is clear that health care costs are too much. Insurance premiums have made health care out of reach for too many individuals, families, and small businesses.

My Two Year Plan:

  • Eliminating waste and fraud.
  • Ensure that quality care is available and affordable for all and that resources are properly distributed in the medical industry.
  • Supporting the technological and scientific innovation that will continue to transform medicine, dramatically lowering costs and raising outcomes over time.

My Ongoing Plan:

  • Empower doctors and patients with the information and resources they need to ensure they make the best treatment decisions.
  • Invest in software and machines that save on administrative costs while preventing criminal and wasteful fraud.
  • Focus on preventative health care treatments and nutritional programs.

But in order to solve these problems, we need leaders who care more about keeping our citizens healthy and creating a sustainable, affordable health care system.

I believe that health care is a basic right for all Americans. I will work to improve our health care laws so that they dramatically reduce the costs. I will reduce the burden on small business owners and ensure that affordable health care is available for every family.

With my previous experience in the field, I believe I am the best candidate to handle our health care problems. Some of my ideas for solving our financial problems will create surpluses that will fund our health care programs. But injecting more money into health care is not enough. We must  also find the best use of our money in health care and reduce costs while maintaining the highest standards and treatment.