Quality Health Care During Your Elder Years


It is imperative that we provide high quality health care for our elders. The current plan proposed by many in congress to dismantle Medicare willharm millions of American seniors by eliminating guaranteed health coverage. We can’t leave our elders is this vulnerable situation.

My Two Year Plan:

  • Direct our resources in the most cost-efficient and effective way to ensure Medicare is sustainable.
  • Eliminate waste, fraud, and non-value generating activities.
  • Allow the federal government to compete on pricing and to negotiate on a level playing field.

It is estimated that fraud and abuse alone accounts for $60 billion in waste. It is my intention to carefully review where this money is going and stop this horrific, wasteful activity that is occurring.

The federal government must use our tax money appropriately—not overspend on medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. It’s not fair that we get stuck with the bill while few corporations and lobbyists reap the benefits of overpayment.

Let’s create a fair marketplace and allow prices to go down naturally.

Lastly, we need to focus more resources on preventative treatment—nutritional, exercise, and wellness programs. We need to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. This will dramatically reduce our costs and improve the quality of life for all Americans.