Meet Ehab

You already saw the best of the existing politicians;
it’s about time to see what others can achieve for us.

Usually when we choose a candidate, we consider two major factors:

1. His previous history; his “previous achievements.”

2. His future plans; what he can “potentially achieve.”

It is my honor to review both my resume and plans with you.

I have a history of flipping negative situations into positive outcomes.

I will use the same technique that I used to rise out of poverty and achieve massive success to make a huge positive impact on our district.

I encourage you to learn what I was able to do over my career and what kind of person I am—especially when it comes to flipping challenges and critical situations into amazing results.

You will see firsthand my ability to fight for results.

You will be able to estimate what kind of results I can accomplish for our country by seeing what I accomplished.

If you want different results for the country, then you need to elect different leaders. That’s why we keep our Presidents for a maximum of eight years. This allows for new people—new ideas, perspectives, and brains—to add value to our country.

If you study my previous experience and my resume (all of which is supported by legal documents and photos) then you will see for yourself that I have the skills, capacity, passion, vision, dedication, and desire to make lasting changes for our community and country.

You can read more about me here:

You can see my political legal documents here: Political Legal Documents


America Today

If you really think about, all of our country’s problems— healthcare, education, balancing the budget, social security, economic development, jobs, etc.— are all caused by a lack of money. They are caused by previous and existing politicians mismanaging our money and America’s investments.

We need politicians who have mastered money management and business—not existing politicians who got us into this debt crisis—to lead our country back to prosperity.

Who allowed the debt to climb to almost $18 trillion ($18,000,000,000,000)?

Who made it so that we have no money for social security and Medicare to take care our elderly, and no money to better educate our children?

Who allowed manufacturing to disappear from our economy?

Who allowed us to import way more than we export?

Who signed laws that allowed banks to play with our money and cause an economic collapse?

The answer is simple—the previous and current Congress.

About Me & My Mission

I came to America as a disadvantaged immigrant. You can say I started from scratch, from nothing—from crippling disadvantages.

From this humble beginning I was able to:

• Establish 34 businesses in 15 different industries

• Drive and conduct business in all 50 states in-depth, and travel to 71 countries and discover other political systems

• Get my MBA in America and join a Doctor of Business Program


I’ve lived in Southern California for 24 years with my family.

I believe that the sky is the limit—you’re limited only by your imagination.

I always go the extra mile; I did it in my career and I’ll do it for you.

Let me work on those problems that our country faces. This is my area of expertise.


In other words,  putting more money into your pockets and creating stability and growth in our community.

We Can Do Better!

You Deserve a Congressman Who Will:

• Give a voice to the voiceless—provide representation for our youth and small business owners.

• Fight for personal finance, business, and high tech to be taught in elementary and high school  classrooms.

• Make it easier for everyone to start a small business, including reducing the cost of filing fees for startups and simplifying the government process.

• Provide free business seminars and workshops for the community (taught by myself and other successful entrepreneurs).

anaheim photo cut

• Help everyone succeed—WE will go the extra mile and our message will be heard in Congress.

I am involved in many community activities, including religious, cultural, sports, and other local events. And now, it is my honor to run for congressman.
I follow the non-partisan approach. I work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents because I work for the bestinterest of the country and you, the people.

I invite you to read this chapter of one of my book to understand my integrated philosophy on business, principles, education, careers, family and work life balance. Just click button below.

My life Philosophy

Follow me on social media, join my online newsletter, and let’s fight special interests to bring more economic and educational resources to our district.

– Ehab Atalla, MBA
Businessman, Author, Consultant